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Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative

I heard it through the grapevine

“Matt’s hand are magical ! He found the reason why I was suffering from headaches and dissolved the problem .”

– Sofia Cabo, webdesigner- Handmade Karma, Colombia - htpp://handmadekarma.com

“I like Matt´s philosophy of yoga leading you towards the lightness of being. It´s something very simple but so hard to reach at times.”

– Ole, Germany

“I really enjoy Matt´s yoga classes on the rooftop. They’re full of flow !”

– Prashant Goel, U.S.A

“After Matt’s treatment I felt alive again! A new person in a new body, looking into the world with different eyes…”

– Isi Ruge, Germany

“Massage with Matt is like putting yourself in the firm grasp of a wizened bodyologist….he intuits and senses his way through the knots and blockages caressing them back to equanimity”

– Chris Nelson, Founder of Ashiyana Yoga Retreat Centre

“My sessions with Matt were not good, they were utterly sublime. There is such a beautiful and almost musical flow to his movements and subsequently to the response of my body….Matt is a very gifted practitioner.”

– Leonie Casanova - Recording Artist / Actress

Dedication, skill, knowledge. This is what Matt brings to Shiatsu and moreover to the world of health and wellness.

– Alex Diquigiovanni - Doctor of Chiropractic, Wellness Educator

Matt is grounded and very intuitive and able to work with many levels of healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I highly recommend him.



– Yamuna Devi - AcroYoga Teacher.

“Yoga with Matt brings a refreshing mix of energy, relaxation, and spiritual insight with a dash of humour”

– Oliver, Creative Director

Matt teaches yoga with compassion, grace, eloquence and attention to detail. It’s always a journey that transports one to a place of complete serenity.

– Pigalle, London